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Did you know that, on average, we spend about 90% of our lives inside? Humans rely on nature to live and prosper. No wonder we're all going insane!

Shop for your DIY living wall, your personalized moss wall art, self-watering planters, and more. Naturspire is here to help you thrive inside. 


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DIY Living Wall

Running out of floor space for your plants? Put your plants on your wall with this 4-pocket living wall. 

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Artificial Greenery

Create your green oasis without any maintenance. Design a beautiful wall display with our assorted foliage landscape panel.

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Self-Watering Planters

Watch your favorite plants and flowers flourish as the sub-irrigation system dependably supplies your foliage with just the right amount of water.

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Living Walls

Add living plants to your walls to help purify the air and regulate the temperature.
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Moss Wall Art

Maintenance-free way to bring nature indoors.
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Interior/Exterior Plantscapes

Choose from a variety of high-quality pots for your plants. 
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Artificial Turf & Greenery

Greenery backdrops for photo ops, turf for putting greens, and more!
Biophilic Design


Living Walls

Turn your plain wall into a canvas of natural artwork. We'll work with you to find which plants work best for your space.

Moss Walls

A plant you can NOT kill?! Moss if for you. Preserved moss is "frozen in time" and will still bring the joy of nature to you.


Nature is important to maintain whether its indoors or outdoors. From table top planters to patio planters, we got you covered.

Artificial Greenery

Although these plants are fake, they still bring the beauty of nature to your space. 


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Indiana Design Center

January 1, 2023 By Indiana Design Center

Indiana Design Center X Naturspire

Naturspire is located in the Indiana Design Center. Visit our showroom to be inspired by nature.

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Metazoa Brewing Company & Dog Park

April 30, 2023 By Metazoa

Metazoa x Naturspire

Join us for our first DIY Moss Workshop at Metazoa Brewing Company located in Indianapolis, IN.

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