Living Walls

What is a Living Wall?

Living walls are living plants that are placed on your wall or plantscapes that turn plain walls into canvases of natural artwork. The live plants create beautiful decor that breathes new life into a space.

Found both indoors and out, living walls can come in nearly any size, depending on the needs of your space. They can cover an entire surface or simply hang on a small portion of a wall. Whether you are decorating a large public lobby or a tight space at home, there is room to make your wall breathe!

Living Wall at R1VER Offices
Residential - Outdoor Living Wall

What can a Living Wall be used for?

Living green walls are versatile in design. Display plants on your wall for decor or as a vertical garden. Read below to find out what else you can do with a living wall:

  • Adding privacy to your yard
  • Incorporating unique texture into your decor
  • Bringing unique beauty into your space
  • Promoting healthy living by bringing nature indoors
  • Reducing noise indoors


  • Small scale gardening with herbs or small vegetables
  • Improving air quality
  • Enhancing one's positivity and creativity
  • Creating artistic displays in your garden


How Long do Living Walls Last?

Living walls last as long as you keep up with maintenance. Like any other plants, they respond to the care and conditions they are given.

What kind of care do living walls need? That depends on the plants that make up the wall! Generally, all plants need water and light to thrive. Other occasional needs include cleaning, pruning, and fertilizing.

Living Wall Plant Maintenance

Maintenance Program

Naturspire provides detailed instructions to help your vertical gardens thrive. We also offer a maintenance program where our Green Team takes care of your plants depending on the plant’s needs. Living things always experience some variance, but we are confident in the quality of our plants and your experience.

Plant Alternative

Alternatively, you could choose artificial plants for a similar look! We also offer solutions like our Moss Walls. These use preserved moss, which is real moss but is no longer living, and do NOT require maintenance!

Delta Faucet Mobile Plant Wall, Living Wall

Can you have a living wall indoors?

Yes! Living walls can be customized to decorate indoor spaces as well as the outdoors. Indoor green walls are common, and a great way to bring a beautiful piece of nature inside. We choose the wall components and plants based on the environment which the wall will stand, ensuring your living wall thrives wherever you want it. 

Naturspire has many indoor living walls to choose from. Some vertical gardens are manual watering and some vertical gardens are self-watering.

MOTW Coffee Shop, Living Wall, Plant Wall with Logo

Living Wall Maintenance

Do Living Walls need direct sunlight?

Most plants prefer some kind of sunlight. If natural sunlight is not possible, you will need a grow light.

The amount of sunlight or artificial light reaching your living wall will determine what plants will be able to survive (and thrive!) on it. More light means you will be able to choose from a much wider variety of plant species. 

Indoor living wall with planter and grow lights

Do Living Walls need water?

Yes! Many of the larger walls you see in lobby areas have watering systems built into the structures. This is a lower maintenance option and can be helpful if you are not confident in your green thumb. Less advanced systems and materials can create the same effect.

While any living wall will require some mode of care, we will work with your needs and abilities to develop the ideal combination of plants for you wall!

3Up Rooftop Bar - Outdoor Living Wall

Is a Living Wall worth it?

Absolutely, a living wall is worth it! Living walls are excellent ways to bring greenery into a smaller space or a place where people spend a lot of time indoors. Outside, living walls offer unique beauty and is a great way to incorporate many plants in a compact way.

When people are around nature, they are able to process information more efficiently. Biophilic design improves mood and overall wellbeing, so living walls are excellent options for offices, hospitals, and other public areas like hotels and senior living communities.

Living Walls are worth it because of the health and mood benefits they bring along with the natural beauty and warmth they add to your space.

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Naturspire Green Wall


Living wall in Corteva's atrium
University of Illinois - Living Wall with the letter "I" formed out of plants
Purple Ink_LivingWall
Mobile Living Wall at Delta Faucet
Living wall located in the front lobby of an office
Living wall in a private resident's home
3Up Rooftop Bar - Outdoor Living Wall
Naturspire Green Wall



A plant you can NOT kill?! Moss if for you. Preserved moss is "frozen in time" and will still bring the joy of nature to you.


Nature is important to maintain whether its indoors or outdoors. From table top planters to patio planters, we got you covered.


Although these plants are fake, they still bring the beauty of nature to your space.