How Naturspire Gives Back to the Community

At Naturspire, we believe in creating spaces that connect people with nature, fostering well-being, creativity, and sustainable living. Our passion for biophilic design has led us to collaborate with various organizations, contributing to the community through innovative projects that incorporate living walls, moss walls, plants, and more. Explore our endeavors below, where nature meets art and design.

Sanctuary of Healing Room

Riley's Hospital

Naturspire brought the healing power of nature indoors by designing a Tranquility Room for the nurses, doctors, and other staff members of Riley Children's Hospital. This oasis is designed to provide a serene escape, integrating the therapeutic benefits of plants and mos to support the well-being of those who tirelessly care for others. Benefits of the relaxation room:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Enhanced Mood and Morale
  • Increased Productivity and Focus
  • Encouraging Mindfulness and Relaxation
  • Natural Aesthetics
  • Connection to Nature
Sanctuary Of Healing Room for Nurses and Doctors at Riley Children's Hospital
Moss Ceiling
Moss Ceiling

Girl Scouts of America - STEM

In collaboration with the Girl Scouts of America, Naturspire created a captivating moss ceiling, bringing the beauty of nature to the heart of the organization.

The moss ceiling represents the nurturing environment of the Girl Scouts of America where ideas, dreams, and aspirations take root and flourish. It creates a unique and inspiring entrance that captivates all who enter the STEM building. 

Reset Rest Area

Indiana Conference for Women

Naturspire played a vital role in the Indiana Conference for Women by designing a Reset Area flourished with greenery. Attendees could recharge in this natural haven, promoting a sense of well-being during the conference.
Boys and Girls Club creating a flower display
Donated Artificial Flowers and Greenery

Boys and Girls Club - We Care Event

Moake Park Group - Architecture, Interior Design, Planning hosted the craft project at the Boys and Girls Club for the We Care Event sponsored by One Eleven Design. They had such a great time doing crafts with all of the kids!
Wine Garden

Carmel International Arts Festival

Naturspire partnered with Sugar Creek Winery and Sip & Share Wines to create a relaxing place for art-goers to sip and relax after walking around the Arts Festival.
Wine Garden - two wine bottles held up with a greenery back drop



Turn your plain wall into a canvas of natural artwork. We'll work with you to find which plants work best for your space.


A plant you can NOT kill?! Moss if for you. Preserved moss is "frozen in time" and will still bring the joy of nature to you.


Nature is important to maintain whether its indoors or outdoors. From table top planters to patio planters, we got you covered.


Although these plants are fake, they still bring the beauty of nature to your space. 


We operate on a turn-key basis – from concept and design to planting, installing, and maintaining.


The Naturspire Green Team will come to you to maintain your plantscape and keep everything looking green and healthy!