Metazoa DIY Moss Workshop

April 30, 2023

Metazoa DIY Moss Workshop

Thank you for joining Naturspire at Metazoa for the DIY Moss Workshop! We hope you enjoy your moss art and hang it for all to see. Here are some exciting facts about your moss:

  1. Your moss art is completely maintenance-free nature!
    They are constructed from real moss that has been treated with a 100% natural emulsion made of glycerin to keep their quality, as well as freshness, for at least five years without water or plant food.

  2. Preserved moss will draw moisture and airborne particles from the air.
    Moss walls can therefore contribute to cleaning indoor air naturally in a sustainable and far more economical way than air purifiers and ventilators.

  3. Preserved moss walls have a positive effect on cognitive function, stress levels, and emotional well-being.
    Exposure to plants and natural elements-- whether living or preserved-- has been shown to lower physiological stress and improve our mental health.